Blue screen background

Download Blue Background In Any Size

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Blue Screen Video for iOS

iOS doesn't support fullscreen mode for web apps, only for videos, so we made this video that plays in an endless loop.

How To Use Blue Screen?

Click on the blue screen image or the fullscreen icon to instantly transform your browser view into a serene blue backdrop, click again to close.

How To Download Blue Background?

Select from a range of standard resolutions or enter your custom dimensions and click download button.

Why People Use Blue Screen?

Enhancing Visual Content

A blue screen can serve as a dynamic background for videos, presentations, or websites, adding depth and interest to the visual content.

Stress Reduction

The color blue is known for its calming effects, making a blue screen an excellent choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere on digital devices.

Focus Improvement

Utilizing a blue screen can help reduce eye strain and improve focus, especially during long work sessions or late-night studying.

Creative Photography and Filmmaking

Similar to green screens, blue screens are used in photography and filmmaking for background replacement, allowing for creative post-production effects.

Professional Webinars and Meetings

A blue screen can provide a professional and distraction-free background for virtual meetings, webinars, and video calls.