Pink screen background

Download Pink Background In Any Size

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Pink Screen Video for iOS

iOS doesn't support fullscreen mode for web apps, only for videos, so we made this video that plays in an endless loop.

How To Use Pink Screen?

Just click on the pink image to go full-screen, or choose a size and click 'Download' to get a pink background image.

Why People Use Pink Screen:

For Content Creation

Elevate your videos, livestreams, and virtual presentations with a full-screen pink backdrop on second monitor.

Visual Design Inspiration

Stimulate your creative process with a fullscreen pink canvas.

Color Calibration Testing

Ensure your screen displays the truest shades of pink.

Enhancing Videos

Boost the aesthetic appeal of your YouTube videos or online calls with a pink glow.

Emotional Impact

Pink is associated with feelings of joy, creativity, passion, and comfort.