Purple screen background

Download Purple Background In Any Size

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Purple Screen Video for iOS

iOS doesn't support fullscreen mode for web apps, only for videos, so we made this video that plays in an endless loop.

What is Purple Screen Web Tool?

Purple Screen web tool is designed to transform your screen into a purple canvas, ideal for a wide range of uses. This web app allows users to either fill their screen with a soothing shade of purple or download a custom-sized purple background for their specific needs.

How To Use Purple Screen?

Just click on the purple color to enable full-screen mode; click again to exit. And if you want a purple background, just select the size and click the download button.

Why People Use Purple Screen:

Lighting Effect

Use the purple screen to create unique lighting effects for video calls, virtual events, or music sessions.

Color Theory Study

Art students and designers can leverage a full-screen purple display as an interactive tool to explore color theory, understanding the impact of purple on design and art.

Display Testing

Ensure the color accuracy of your devices with a purple full-screen test, an essential step for professionals in design, photography, and videography.